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Jefferies  Orchard since 1822
1016 Jefferies Rd. Springfield, Illinois 62707
(217) 487-7582

Jefferies Orchard History

Jefferies Orchard is located just north of Springfield, Illinois. It was settled in 1822 by the Jefferies family.

strawberry ladies

In the early years, before
the prevalence of large commercial growers, our produce was loaded onto trucks and sent to Chicago and St.Louis. There it was
sold on the wholesale market and served at some of the finest restaurants in the city.

apple orchard

Let us know what you'd like to see us grow...we're always ready to listen and answer questions.
Hope to see you at the Orchard!


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the farm in the early days

An apple and cider business was started early in 1920 and pick your own strawberries were added in the early 1950's.

produce truck

Jefferies Market hours can be found on the market website.
Through the years, both the farm and the family have grown and our commitment to quality remains the same. Everything we sell on the farm is grown here on the farm.

Grandma Jefferies and the girls
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